World leader in Global
Account Based Marketing

Vendemore is the number one Account Based Marketing partner for B2B companies with complex and long sales cycles. We are harnessing the power of mass advertising and turning it on its head to deliver focused and targeted messages to individuals in your most important accounts, may it be prospects or customers. The concept is called Account Based Marketing. Account Based Marketing helps B2B companies to increase sales pipeline, lower percentage of lost sales and to increase revenue on existing clients.

With mixed skills and experience as former sales managers, marketing managers, business developers and sharp technical developers, we offer cost-effective and cutting edge solutions for targeted advertising online.

We turn your great content like videos, articles, blogposts, customer cases, whitepapers etc into an ad that is seen on over a million news, business and lifestyle websites all over the world. But only for employees in the organisations that you want to target. This makes Vendemore a powerful partner for all B2B companies that have key-account sales strategies.

Vendemore is an international company with headquarters in Stockholm Sweden and sales operations in Europe and the USA. Vendemore Nordic AB is a subsidiary of Bisnode AB.

Our Customers

Most of our clients are companies involved in B2B software, outsourcing, consulting and industrial solutions in North America, Europe and Asia. We develop our products daily in collaboration with our customers.

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Vendemore uses a variety of online marketing methods and tools based on long experience and projects. This makes us the leader in Global Account Based Marketing. Over the last years we have grown steady by over 100%. As the company continues to expand, we’re looking for new talents.

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Vendemore Nordic is a subsidiary of Bisnode AB. Bisnode helps companies maximise sales, minimise business risks and make better business decisions in 17 countries.

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