B2B companies with Key-Account sales strategies

Most of our customers are companies found within B2B software, outsourcing, consulting or industrial solutions in Europe and North America. All of them are making big deals that take a long time to land and involves many influencers and decision makers.

With Vendemore Account Based Marketing, our clients are able to align their marketing better with their key-account sales strategies and tactics.  And they can present themselves with very targeted and account specific messages and content. Together with our customer a few best-practices for how to use Account-Based Marketing; Demand Generation, Pipeline Acceleration, Defend Key-Accounts, Cross-Selling and Framework Agreements.

No matter the application area, our customers can see a substantial increase in attention and engagement from the accounts they target with Vendemore. Which leads to increased win-rates and higher revenue per spent marketing euro or dollar.

We welcome new customer to take part in our  journey of developing precise Account-Based Marketing solutions that increase your presence in your most important accounts, your strategic accounts.

“Vendemore is a great solution. It is an important strategy for increasing our brand awareness and sales pipeline.

“Vendemore helps us with keeping our brand in front of prospects after they’ve visited our website. This way we are reminding our leads about our products through entire sales process.”
Greger Nilsson, Marketing Manager, Nilex

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