Focus marketing investments within your key-accounts to optimize business results

Most B2B companies burn a ton of marketing dollars investing too broadly. The key to realizing greater revenues is focusing your efforts and budget on the accounts with the greatest potential. You need to know precisely which companies to target. Then you need to put your content in the path of their employees. The approach is called Account-Based Marketing. Account-Based Marketing is an ultra-productive strategy for B2B companies with complex sales. Let’s look at how to make it work.

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How Account-Based Marketing Works

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is a hot topic right now. But what is it and how can itmitt i prick be used to optimise B2B companies’ sales results?

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4 Steps to Account Based Marketing Success

You’ve heard the term: Account Based Marketing, or ABM. And you get the general idea. Instead of investing resources here, there and everywhere, you focus on investing in opportunities bound to reap the highest ROI. Marketing becomes far more targeted and aligned with sales.

This article gives you four steps to set you on the right path:

  1. Begin by identifying your top accounts
  2. Create valuable content
  3. Use a targeted distribution platform
  4. Measure marketing efforts on an Account based level

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White_space4 steps to get started with Account Based Marketing

How to Align Metrics with Account Based Marketing Initiatives

Are analytics important? You better believe it but which ones?
Digital marketers today absolutely must bring analytics into the fold and use the data they gather to inform marketing plans. However, when analytics focus on the wrong metrics the significance of the process is drastically diminished. So, what metrics are relevant when working with Account Based Marketing?

This article gives you a few suggestions for KPIs for account based marketing initiatives.

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Account based marketing metrics


How account based marketing can be one of
the biggest revenue drivers for B2B business:

Demand Generation

As much as 90% of all leads are not sales qualified. What are the biggest challenges in generating warm leads for B2B? How do you use account based marketing to overcome the challenges and create higher demand from your named accounts? Let’s look at the answers.

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Pipeline Acceleration

Multiple decision makers get involved in evaluating complex products and solutions. Do your sales people struggle to get access to the many decision makers and influencers in your prospects’ organizations? Do you have prospects in the pipeline that are lingering?

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Generally, less than 10% of B2B customers buy the whole portfolio. You tend to sell just a product or two per account. It’s far more profitable to realize sales from cross-selling to existing customers.

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Framework Agreements

Do you have framework agreements in place that are not generating as much business as you expected? Are the people within the company who are supposed to buy actually doing so? Internal selling seldom generates the sales you want. What does? Account based marketing.

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