Align marketing content to the buyer’s journey to influence the right opportunities in your strategic accounts

New buying centers emerge, especially when buying IT. These clients are looking for solution centric offerings. Vendemore can help make sure your content match the buyer’s journey.

Vendemore Account based marketing enables you to promote your content to the right people in the organizations you target. Vendemore’s services target key decision makers by creating a presence on the business, lifestyle and news where they gather information.

Customer case study: Previa

Previa had an outgoing joint contract with two large Nordic companies. Contract renewal was subject to a competitive bidding process. And the two companies have over 60K employees. Previa put account based marketing to work to target key influencers in the organizations and win the business.


Tactics & Best-Practice

Account based marketing tactics shorten sales cycles and increase win-rates.

  • Engage many decision makers and influencers
  • Create the right image of your company
  • Push pains to get prioritized
  • Present relevant industry reference
  • Accelerated buying decisions


Pipeline Acceleration Best Practice and Tactics using Account-Based Marketing

The Effects

What can you expect using Account Based Marketing with Vendemore to Accelerate your sales pipeline? The most important effect that our customers enjoy is the vast increase in engagement, visibility, reach and brand perception within the targeted organizations. We distribute your content ads and make sure that they are shown to employees in the accounts that you want to target. Our customers clearly see an increase in engagement and number of visits from targeted organizations to their landingpage/website using Account-Based Marketing.

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