Is your main goal to generate more key-accounts?

Your prospect organizations are out there researching solutions. Help them find you and make it easy for them to understand how you can help better than others. By using Account Based Marketing in Demand Generation you get past the biggest challenges for B2B companies like influencing many decision-makers at the same time, avoiding to get “down-prioritized” and having a high frequency and visability during the long sales process.


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Biggest challenges

What are the biggest challenges in generating warm leads for B2B? From talking to hundreds of vendors over the past couple of years, a clear picture develops:
  • Lack-of-access – difficult to get access to multiple stakeholders in the prospect organization
  • Wrong messaging – the content of the marketing effort is not generating the right urgency and interest
  • Frequency – a high enough frequency without annoying or risking a “unsubscribe”

Enjoy articles, videos and Podcasts below with tips and best-practices for how to overcome them.

B2B Demand Generation Biggest Challenges

Five ways to generate great MQLs

In today’s business environment, there is an increasing pressure to align marketing and sales. Is your business using the right technology, marketing activities and KPIs to get highly valuable Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL) and turning these into Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs)?

  • How to ensure you get the right MQLs?
  • How turning MQL into excellent SQLs?
  • What should you measure?


The Nr.1 factor in Demand Generation

Up to as many as 90% of all B2B leads are unqualified and not from a company they are interested in doing business with. By focusing on engagement rather than click-rate and sign-ups, B2B marketers can lower this number.

Here are three tips on how you can get started.


Marketing Mix Engagement Guide

What marketing activities should you use to generate demand? This guide compares some of the activities you have in your marketing mix on three different important parameters; reach, frequency and impact.

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How to win the war on priority?

Marketers struggle in finding the right mix that will deliver their message all the way to the heart and soul of the buyer.The problem is that there is not only one decision maker. There are multiple. All with different priorities.

The best ROI cases are rarely winning the war of priority – it is the “scream priority” that is winning the war.

Listen to why Account Based Marketing makes a fantastic fuel to elevate B2B demand generation.


ROT – Return on Time

It´s not only the lead generation activities that cost money. If you put the sales peoples energy on the wrong leads, that costs a fortune!

Listen to how Account Based Marketing helps you bridge the gap between sales and marketing and drive an increase of not only Return on Investment (ROI), but Return On Time (ROT).


Stop thinking campaigns

Companies with a clear set of their targets can´t see Demand Generation as a campaign. They need to make sure that they reach as many stakeholders in these organisations during a long time. And with long sales processes, B2B companies will succeed better if they stop thinking campaigns.

Listen to how Account Based Marketing can be used for a continuos demand generation process that helps turning prospects to customers.


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