Drive more revenue from existing accounts


Why are less than 10% of B2B customers buying the whole portfolio?

It’s sad, but true: less than 10% of B2B customers buy your entire portfolio.

As you know, it’s more profitable to sell complementary products to existing customers than acquire new ones. In fact, much of the budget you allocate to landing new business actually erodes your margins. You need incremental sales that foster profitable long-term customer relationships.

It’s time to focus on cross-selling.

B2B cross-selling obstacles

In working with B2B companies, Vendemore has identified the most common obstacles to expanding sales within existing accounts.

  • Lack-of-access: sales reps are afraid to go around existing contacts
  • Portfolio knowledge: sales representatives are uncomfortable talking to some of your clients’ key decision makers
  • Positioning: customers only associate your company with the product or service they bought and don’t consider your other products

Learn more about how Vendemore technology can be used to increase B2B sales on your existing accounts, without the need of hiring more and expensive sales people.

Make B2B cross-selling breakthroughs

Want to understand how to increase sales to existing customers? How do the most successful B2B companies increase revenues with cross-selling? In this article, you’ll discover four keys to using new technology to increase sales to existing customers.

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With Vendemore´s solution we were able to increase sales and work with business opportunities in a much more efficient way.

– Magnus Persson, Sales and Marketing Director, Vitec.

Vitec was determined to increase sales to existing customers and to improve its cross-sales figures. In order to do so, they needed to influence more peo- ple within their existing clients.

Customer case study: Vitec

Start cross-selling effectively

In this brief video, CEO Christopher Engman, shares best-practices for using account based marketing to increase cross-selling. Chris delivers answer to:

  • How can you use ABM to increase cross-selling?
  • What is a good first step?
  • How much time do I need to invest?
  • What clients should I start targeting?

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