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How Account Based Marketers Create and Place Effective Ads

You've created some great content.

Each piece is the result of careful planning, research and writing. The content reflects that your company understands the pain points of its customers. Your target audience is sure to benefit from the deep assets you've produced - provided they actually discover them.

As you know, even with the best content, a dreadful percentage of it is underexposed or even seen at all. To succeed with content marketing, you have to market your content.

Market your content as the product

Your account based marketing approach will target many stakeholders within the companies you choose to target. They'll be interested in different subjects. Assuming your solutions are complex, your selling cycles will be longer.

In managing your media mix, you'll need to promote your content. Consider creating a sizable portfolio of ads and capitalize on the following strategies:

Identify pain points - A portion of your content will focus on customer pain points. Make your ad as magnetic as possible by specifically addressing pain points within a vertical market/industry.
For example, to compel a reader working in IT in the automotive industry, you might use a headline such as "Why Automotive Vendors Struggle with Data Migration Planning."

Offer solution-based content - "How to" or tutorial-style content will target those who have identified pain points. Your ads for content such as this should be perceived as educational.

To continue with the same example, if you've created an asset and given it the name, "A Step-By-Step Guide to Data Migration Planning," your ad's headline might be exactly the same (or at the very least, capture the same idea).

Showcase credible references from the same industry as the target account(s) - Perhaps nothing will be more convincing to your prospects than compelling case studies of companies in your client portfolio who have overcome similar challenges. As such, this type of content will feature case studies of customers in the same industry.

Again, the title of the content itself can inspire the ad. For instance, you've developed a video titled, "4 Manufacturing Case Studies of Highly Effective Behavioral Email Programs". Your content ads might feature a series of each individual story or all of them together with a headline such as, "Watch How Fast Growing SaaS Providers Cash-In on Behavioral Email."

Promote your market leadership - Though content marketing generally focuses on the publishing of educational content, branding remains all-important. You'll want to take care not to be pretentious in your development of content and the ads you use to promote it, but establish and heighten your position in the industry all the while.

Within your advertising mix, include ads that promote your company and its solutions. For example, "Why 1.500 food and beverage companies rely on [Brand Name]" is a headline that promotes both your brand and its charter simultaneously.

Consider promoting your strengths with ad highlighting:

  • Market share

  • Market share within a specific industry

  • Fast growth rate

  • Regional leadership

  • Earning a spot on business indexes (e.g. Fortune 500)

Promote a variety of content types

The ideal mix to promote your content for B2B companies is

  • Sponsored posts on social media

  • Content discovery networks

  • Account Based Marketing native advertising are three content promotion channels growing in popularity.

The account based marketing approach means that your ads are served only to people at pre-selected key accounts via the websites they rely on for news and information.

Let's look at some examples of ads.


B2B marketers draw traffic by promoting short how-to videos.


Invitations to download white papers and eBooks have proven an ideal tactic for companies with complex solutions.

blog-example-effective-ads-sasFeature testimonials in your ads to enhance credibility and increase traffic to your landing pages.


Ads featuring customer surveys often do well to support account based marketing.


An animated display ad concludes with an offer to download recent industry research.


An RSS feed enables this ad to be dynamically populated with recent posts from the Basware blog

The most effective content marketers market their content

I hope this post was a useful resource for you. Consider the strategies presented here and push yourself to experiment with new content types and ads specifically created to promote them.

You need not overthink it. If your content features ideas your customers can use to overcome their business challenges, create straight-forward ads that communicate the value of the content.

Learn how to put your content in front of the important accounts that fuel your growth.

> Watch this brief video.
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