Our values

We believe that people make the difference if an organisation will succeed or not. We therefore have strong values that reflect what it takes to work here. Our core values are presence, can-do-attitude, precision, innovation and integrity/honesty. We take these values very seriously and this is a central part of who we will employ.

Presence – The people of Vendemore sometimes forget time and space because of their engagement in different tasks. We enjoy working here and we love to share knowledge as much as receiving knowledge. We believe that by applying this you will grow both yourself and the company. Further to always being there for each other and having a positive mind-set in different situations that can occur.

Can-do-attitude – Problems will occur along the way and we believe in solving it first and discuss it afterwards. We are challenging ourselves every day in a growing market and it is therefore important to always think about the solution, not the problem.

Precision – We try to make as good quality as possible in everything we do. However,
this doesn’t mean that mistakes do not happen. When mistakes happen we are always transparent with it towards our customers. Learning before prestige is what we advocate at Vendemore.

Innovation – We love new ideas that can facilitate our daily work or improve our service towards customers. We constantly want to improve and we therefore encourage new innovating ideas. We want you to strive for improvements and dare to go outside your comfort zone.

Integrity – Show integrity to a customer by letting them know that something they have asked for will not work and that they would get a better result by doing things in another way. We appreciate honesty and we encourage everyone to speak up for what they truly think towards customers and co-workers. Thinking like you were the customer or the owner of Vendemore.

Do you recognise yourself in these values? Then you might be the next employee for Vendemore.

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