Produce more sales from your accounts

Do you have framework agreements in place that are not generating as much business as you expected? Is the revenue from your framework agreements depending on consumer-based-decisions? Then Account Based Marketing might just be your golden ticket. Learn more how Account Based Marketing can turn your hunting license into killing business results!


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Framework agreement challenges

Vendemore has many customers in the travel, automotive and leasing, healthcare, banking and finance and IT industries—all of which are common candidates for framework agreements, or fleet sales. If your company has a similar product line, you know sales people spend an enormous amount of time meeting procurement and management teams to land deals. But then they:

  1. Can’t get passed gate-keepers
  2. Rely on consumer advertising
  3. Rely on internal communication

Influence with precision

How do you make more from framework agreements? How do you reach more employees cost-effectively over time to keep them interested and buying? Vendemore CEO Christopher Engman explains how account based marketing helps overcome the biggest challenges for increasing revenue on existing framework agreements.

Turn your hunting license into killer
business results

This article explains how account based marketing helps grow business in existing framework agreements. It features a matrix comparing marketing channels and offers proven tips for successful ABM.

  • The four mistakes
  • How to get started
  • Matrix: Account Based Marketing (ABM) vs. traditional alternatives
  • Tips for a successful Account Based Marketing

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