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Mikael Flygh of HPE and Hans Bunes of Vendemore on stage at FlipMyFunnel 2016

When Fortune 500 Companies Flip The Funnel


As the FlipMyFunnel Roadshow continues its way through the US, Vendemore had the pleasure of joining the series of events while in San Fransisco.

In today's digital environment it is important to be able to continue each sales conversation online. By mixing and matching the content per account as we do for our customers we enable a higher engagement in the buying organisation. Also with the actionable sales insights we supply within the framework of our managed service agreements we can make sure that we together with our customers reach a higher ROI on the marketing and sales efforts.

To shed some light on how ABM can be done within a Fortune 500 company we asked Mikael Flygh, Director Channel Marketing Enterprise Group EMEA of Hewlett Packard Enterprise to join us on stage. The challenge for his company is that the end customer doesn't follow the linear chain. Hewlett Packard Enterprise need to support the customer's buying journey in an indirect relationship from the handshake between the reseller and Hewlett Packard Enterprise from the Account Plan to the execution of Opportunity Support.

Watch the video where Mikael Flygh of Hewlett Packard Enterprise together with Hans Bunes, Global Account Director of Vendemore shares some of their ABM experiences. Introduction to the session is done by Christopher Engman, Founder and Head of Vendemore. You can also find the presentation on Slidehare.

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