Is your content supporting your sales?

Content Marketing is not a luxury for B2B in 2017, it is a must. Many B2B companies are struggling with finding efficient channels to reach a very limited target group. The more limited the target group, the more budget is being wasted on people that are not really potential customers. This is equally true for Content Marketing. What is the real value of your content if your customers never get to see it?

  • Are you communicating the right content at the right time?
  • Is your content adjusted to the buying process?
  • Are you reaching the exact right companies with a good enough frequency?
  • What does you content marketing cost if you fail in distribution?

Account Based Marketing – Target content to selected companies in your pipeline

With Vendemore you can target the exact companies that you want to do business with, pushing out the right content with the right frequency to affect the right decisions. You can use the content you already have, like your video, blog feed or article and put it right in front of the companies you want to have as customers. This aligns marketing spend with sales potential and minimize the wastage.

Vendemore have content-ad formats supporting all top-ten tactics for B2B content marketing like video-ad, article-ad, survey-ad, whitepaper-ad and newsfeed-ad etc.

Example video-ad Example article-ad
Example live-feed ad

For example, a company early in the buying process might be more attracted to a video, talking about the challenge or a customer from the same industry as me talking about the effect. A company that is more ready to buy might be better helped by an article or presentation showing product features.

Let your content create an urgency for the problem you want to help solving within the targeted potential customer, early in the buying process.

By communicating the right message in different content formats, such as surveys, videos, white papers and banners, the impact is up to ten times higher compared to traditional online advertising.

Target all decision makers with IP-marketing

Company targeted advertising is an IP-based targeting method. All employees within the selected companies you wish to targeted will see your content-ad when they are browsing online. In this way you make sure to affect all decision makers necessary to create momentum and position your solution in the exact right way. Affect “the public opinion” of what is the best solution to their problem.

Get more out of your content marketing

One part of what makes successful content marketing is the content itself. But your content is not doing its job if you donĀ“t put it in front of the right audience. For B2B with a limited audience and very long sales processes, targeted distribution channels are essential to reach efficiency. To be able to support sales you need a distribution channel to target the right content to the right company at the right time to affect the right buying decision.

More about B2B Content Marketing

Listen to one of the best content marketing producers in the world, Neil Stoneman, Senior Account Director at Velocity Partner UK talking at OnTarget 2014. Enjoy some free professional advice and inspiration.

On Target 2014 – 03 Neil Stoneman from Vendemore on Vimeo.