About us - A leader in precise, innovative, smart, digital marketing

Vendemore specialise in Account Based Advertising, i.e. to provide B2B companies with smart marketing campaigns targeted specifically and only to their selected accounts. Account Based Advertising (ABA) is a solution within the Account Based Marketing (ABM) field, where we've been one of the leaders for almost a decade now. With the development and broadening of the ABM market, based on our long-time experience, we are now focusing on the area Account Based Advertising.

Vendemore is an international company with headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden. We're a subsidiary of Bisnode AB. We work with B2B companies in various segments such as software, industrial solutions, finance, consulting, and more, primarily in Northern Europe. Vendemore combines the experience and creativity of our people with the opportunities provided by modern technology to help our customers achieve their sales and marketing goals through precise, innovative and smart, digital marketing.