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Account Based Marketing in a nutshell

Sales and marketing working together to drive growth.



Right time and place. Buyers and influencers get the information they need.



Smart marketing supports sales to build relationships and business growth.



Deep insight into buyers’ behaviours provides competitive advantage.



The feedback loop between sales and marketing produces efficient pursuit of opportunities.



Win more, bigger deals when competing for high-value, long and complex deals.

What is Account Based Marketing?

An introduction to ABM by David Ratcliff, CEO of Vendemore.

Account Based Marketing for whom?

B2B vendors

Long sales cycles

Large and complex deals

Marketing and sales working together

Vendemore's Account Based Marketing opened doors for conversations to take place where conventional methods and tools had been unsuccessful

Debbie HageUK Senior Marketing Manager,
Siemens PLM Software UK

ABM according to Vendemore

It's not a tool,

it's a method.

It's not a campaign.

It's a long-term commitment.

It's not a technology,

it's a combination of people and tech.

It's a team effort.

Not a competition between sales & marketing.

Marketing and sales together

Alignment between the two departments is much easier with ABM than with traditional marketing automation programs. You might see more leads with marketing automation, but not from the right accounts. ABM gives you the prospects that are ready for a meeting and already understand what it is you're offering. This provides Sales and Marketing with a common goal they can strive for.

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Account Based Marketing

Time to implement?

You've heard the term: Account Based Marketing, or ABM but why is it important to you? Well, it's not for everyone as the power of ABM is focusing your marketing investment on best sales opportunities. This means that you have to know where your opportunities are and they have to be worth investing in, otherwise you are throwing good money after bad.

As ABM is all about focusing on the target accounts, that means you cut down on your wastage, which increases your marketing ROI. Which is good for news for the CMO.

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