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What is Account Based Marketing? Let us Explain - Vendemore

Account Based Marketing

Account Based Marketing (ABM) is both a mindset and a method of working.

Drive growth, build better relationships with your customers and be more profitable with Account Based Marketing

Account Based Marketing (ABM) is a mindset and a method of working that’s a catalyst for sustained, profitable growth while at the same time building strong, positive, and long-lasting relationships with the clients who matter most to you.

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Account Based Marketing Made Simple

ABM can be complicated. And very simple.
Getting started doesn’t have to be difficult. The simplest way is to form a team between an excited marketeer and someone in sales who understands the value ABM can bring and build a pilot case.

  1. Step 1: Form your team to build a pilot case.

  2. Step 2: Choose your account(s) or segment.

  3. Step 3: Define a goal for the pilot.

    The goal(s) should primarily be project goals such as "to understand the interest of the accounts", or "to understand how we could set up our internal organisation." It's important to realise, In a short-term pilot, it can be very hard to see any effects on leads or sales.

    More on goals
  4. Step 4: Launch a few simple, efficient marketing activities to get going.

    Online listening: Listen to the activities of your target accounts on your own website and/or to third-party sites.

    Launch an account based advertising campaign: Start positioning your brand and understand what messages will engage the different accounts.

    Dedicate three months to the pilot and keep analysing the insights on a regular basis.
    Then take the learnings and consider how to take your ABM approach to the next step.

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Why you should choose an
Account Based Marketing approach

ABM is a way of working where marketing and sales target and prioritise the same accounts, share the same goals - and together agree on the timing of different activities, messages, and ways of approaching the client.

It helps you:
  • - Build stronger relationships with your key customers and prospects.
  • - Reach your perfect customers - even those you didn’t know about.
  • - Deliver relevant and engaging content to these accounts.
  • - Be in the right place, at the right time, in order to close bigger and better deals.

ABM works by bringing sales and marketing together to drive growth. By having common goals, marketing and sales can support each account through the entire buyer’s journey - from early phase awareness, through the research and evaluation phase, during the client’s decision making, and then, after the sale by building long-term trust and loyalty.

Instead of wasting resources on generic marketing, you can deploy personalised campaigns built for the one purpose of resonating with a particular account or accounts. It means you can create content that’s not only relevant to your priority accounts but also addresses problems and issues that are specific to each key account.

“According to Raising the Game with ABM: 2018 ABM Benchmark Study, developed by ITSMA and the ABM Leadership Alliance, 77% of survey respondents saw a 10% or more ROI from their ABM programs compared to more traditional marketing activity. For some, it had an even bigger impact: 45% replied that ROI had more than doubled.”

The secret to successful ABM, is to trust the method and to think long term; it’s a commitment, aimed at driving growth and increasing sales over time. The main purpose of ABM is really what any company should strive for: to avoid different units working in isolated silos and instead make the units work more effectively together towards the same goals. By doing this, you’ll prioritize your resources and focus on the accounts with the best opportunities for bigger and better sales. Thus, the ultimate goal of AMB, is to grow your business.

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