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ABM, Account Based Marketing, is essential to the success of any B2B company today. Our vision is that we bring the best technology and people together to influence the paradigm shift for sales and marketing. That is what Account Based Marketing is all about. It is a method rather than a technology, and in fact, we are one of the best in the world at ABM.

Vendemore has been driving ABM foralmost a decade and on the strength of this was acquired by Bisnode in 2011. The relationship between Bisnode and Vendemore is a partnership of enormous opportunity, and through this Vendemore has developed into a leading ABM provider. Over the years, Vendemore's business has expanded and is now leading the market in Europe and growing rapidly in the US which now represents 25% of its income. Recently Vendemore was recognized as one of the top 100 Innovative tech companies in Europe by Red Herring. The company appointed a new Managing Director, David Ratcliff in late November of 2016.

David - Can you tell us about yourself?

- I live in Stockholm, but I was born in London and moved here 2005 after a lot of traveling in the Nordics. I have my background in the advertising and music industries. My background gave me the opportunity to meet a lot of interesting people in diverse sectors and markets, explore new countries and be a part of great innovations,

How long have you been working at Vendemore and in what role?

- I have been working at Vendemore since 2011 and been deeply involved in its evolution to the current model. I was Head of Global Accounts and Delivery before becoming Managing Director in the end of 2016.

What separates Vendemore from its competitors and how will ABM continue to evolve?

- ABM represents a paradigm shift, it is not a technology but methodoly which is enabled by technology which will have more and more players bringing more competiton to the market. What makes us unique is the combination of ground breaking technology and expertise in the challenges that our clients face. Vendemore is all about bringing the best of people and technology together to achieve business results for our clients.

As for the future progression of ABM I believe that it will become the best practice for sales as marketing can properly support their pursuit of revenue and so the functions will become closer and closer. On the tech side we can expect more and more automation and I see machine learning as something tightly connected to this. When Machine Learning and Big Marketing Data are combined it will get very interesting.

Super power:

- Apart from Xray vision, I'm a people person and I like to see people fulfill themselves.

Tell us something we don't know about you

- Back in the day, I found a way for Statoil to work with James Bond and showed Robbie Williams how to be a digital pioneer.

Niclas Lundberg

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