Brekfast Seminar, Stockholm 5th october


On October 5th we invited our Stockholm-based clients and friends to a breakfast seminar. The theme was " How come the B2B Head of Sales wants more advertising in B2B?". Guest speaker was Jonathan Willis, Head of Digital at Nutricia Sweden. He shared their insights and learnings from using more precision based advertising and a multi-channel strategy. Our own Ulrika Bergström, Head of Customer Experience at Vendemore, gave guidance in how to use different advertising models and what results that can be expected. Annika Svensson, consultant in B2B marketing, introduced the topic with some of the latest findings from the report "Svenskarna och Internet" (The Swedes and the Internet) from IIS, just recently published.

Some main points from Jonathan:  

  • Ask questions: Who do we need to reach? How do we reach them? What kind of information do they need?
  • Develop a digital ecosystem: include training, product information and tools, so that customers or clients can decide on their own.
  • Identify your layers of decision makers!

Here you find the slides that Jonathan shared.

If you would like to know more, send us a message and we will get back to you.

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