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Closing the loop of account growth


We're now closing the loop of sales and marketing alignment by introducing Account Based Contacts™, to further enable our clients to grow their business. Account Based Contacts™ supports sales teams in finding the right people to approach. Sales reps will spend less time searching for people to contact, and more time on actively approaching the right purchase influencers.

Precision and depth equals impact

Vendemore has led the field in Account Based Marketing over the last ten years, thanks to our unique focus on aligning sales and marketing. During this time, we have helped our clients to win new contracts and to grow their existing business. Primarily by leveraging the capabilities of Account Based Advertising and Analytics to influence their key accounts and gather useful insights during the entire sales cycle.

Thanks to our products and services, marketing teams achieves an unprecedented precision, while sales teams can reach more deeply and broadly to impact client buying centres. In short, precision and depth equals impact.

Account Based Contacts™ closes the loop

Now we're introducing Account Based Contacts™. It offers precise and comprehensive contact details to purchase influencers within our client's key accounts. With Account Based Contacts™, sales teams will spend less time searching for people to contact, and more time on actively approaching key purchase stakeholders and influencers. This way we're now closing the loop of account growth.

Social selling has become an essential part of B2B sales, as a large part of the B2B purchase journey now takes place online. Account Based Contacts™ becomes a key foundation to enable social selling, since the contact details we provide includes both email addresses and links to social media profiles.

Traditional data providers are typically efficient at providing firmographics. However, they often fall short in delivering the quality and quantity of contacts needed for sales teams to influence the buying process on a huge and complex bid. Standard off-the-shelf lists are notoriously low on detail and accuracy.

Account Based Contacts™ overcomes this challenge, as a dedicated research team acquires, validates and matches contact details to selected job titles within our clients' most strategic accounts. By building on, and complementing our Account Based Advertising and Analytics products and services, Account Based Contacts™ now closes the Vendemore loop of sales and marketing alignment.

David Nilsson, Vendemore

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