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From List-Based to Account-Based


Many signed up for the ABM Consortium webinar recently: "The Case for ABM - Lessons from the Masters". Several major companies in the ABM industries shared their thoughts and lessons learned. As the topic of Account-Based Marketing is increasingly popular the level of knowledge and usage of this is very different. Some have just started to embark on this journey and some have come quite far.

Don't miss the excellent Report from ABM Consortium presented earlier in which they benchmarked 500+ B2B companies and how far they have reached.

A few things become clear for mature companies that are looking for high performing ABM:

  • High performing mature Account-Based Marketing is exactly that; Account-Based. Some start with a List-Based approach (List-Based is where you target your prioritised accounts but you don't blend content and ads uniquely per account. List-Based Marketing is still targeting a list so not Account-Based) but come to the conclusion that this is not enough. You may start with a List-Based approach but there are other parts of the sales funnel where ABM is really interesting and effective. Which leads to point two:
  • For a proper Account-Based Marketing you need to be able to display a content mix to each target account that is in line with the individual account plans. We sometimes use the analogy of poker cards where you want to show the right poker cards to the right account. When you target account A you might want to promote two solution areas, one specific video reference and a short article very relevant to that account whereas another mix to target account number 2 and then the same account per account. As sales have separate discussions with each client, so should marketing, and the conversations should be aligned from the start to the finish.
  • Having worked with ABM since 2007 (we even started in the end of 2006...) we have gathered experience from working with a few hundred of the Fortune 2000 companies around the world. Tap into that experience to save time and money.

For our customers there is a silver lining as well. Time is scarce and expanding the organisation is most often not possible. Running a managed service has proven to be an appreciated and valuable way to get actionable sales insight.

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