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MarTechSeries: How Customer Voices are Powering ABM Campaigns


Customer references will impact all parts of a buyer's journey. MarTechSeries has dug into the strength of integrating customer voices into the ABM messaging platform. Interviewing a few industry experts, including our Ulrika Bergström, Head of Customer Experience at Vendemore, they conclude that customer voices can play a significant role in B2B marketing. "The importance of finding and supporting advocates if of course crucial for any customer journey," says Ulrika, discussing how advocates change buyer decisions in an ABM funnel.

The article from MarTechSeries article concludes that ABM has exploded, and that 65% of marketers have confirmed that this incredibly precise, targeted and personalized tactics, is helping them to find customers easily.

Click this link for the full article: https://martechseries.com/mts-insights/staff-writers/powering-abm-campaigns-by-customer-voices/

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