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Put your GDPR and Account Based Marketing concerns to rest

As you all know, the new regulations for e-privacy will come into force on May 25.

Understandably, there's been quite a lot of noise and discussions around what this means for marketers, and for us all as individuals.

Since we work with B2B organisations across the globe, our biggest focus has, of course, been the impact it will have on these types of organisations.

First of all, some back-story. The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) replaces the Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC and is designed to harmonise data privacy laws across Europe, to protect and empower all EU citizen's data privacy and to reshape the way organisations across the region approach data privacy.

In short, individuals must have the option to opt-in and opt-out, or to be forgotten by a company. This entitles the data subject to have the data controller erase their personal data, cease further dissemination of the data and, potentially, have third parties halt processing of the data.

Breaching these regulations will result in hefty fines (up to 4 percent of annual revenue or €20 Million, whichever is the greatest). So, the worries are not misplaced.

But when it comes to Account Based Marketing, there's no need for concern. At Vendemore, we simply identify organisations connected to a range of IP addresses so we never track an individual, therefore never breaching their privacy rights in line with GDPR.

We use IP ranges to target organisations with display ads on established 3rd party media sites, as well as identifying visitors to the client's websites.

The IP ranges are sourced from third party partners specialising in determining which IP ranges belong to which organisations. At no point do we reveal any IP data that has been used in our process to you, our client, or any other third party. 

The services we provide are hosted in an ISO - 27001 certified environment which ensures the safety of your data. This certification covers all forms of lost data such as fires, breaches and individual issues. Data is one of the most important parts of a company, whether it concerns IPR, HR or financial data, it should, and must, be of the highest safety priority.

We strive to be best in class with GDPR compliance and the general changing landscape relating to privacy laws. We always ensure that the IP ranges do not belong to an individual, but rather to an organisation, and we only act on and store data once this has been determined. Thus, we never store data relating to an individual as required by GDPR compliance.

All the reporting we provide to you is solely on an aggregated organisational level, and thus, totally anonymous on an individual level.

So, you can rest assured that we have complete confidence in upholding the new regulations set by GDPR. The landscape is still evolving around e-privacy but we make sure we're in the forefront, keeping tabs on all development to ensure we can offer you a safe but efficient product.

If you have any further questions to us regarding this matter, please feel free to contact us and we'll be happy to answer any of your questions.

Mario Gonzalez,
Head of Technology, Vendemore
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