The Vendemore take: Adapt your ABM tactics with the flexibility of a gymnast!


Two days of too many coffees, a constant sense of missing something important, an endless stream of slides...

Two days at the SiriusDecisions Summit in London, packed with experiences and sharing on account based marketing in general, and on demand generation in particular. We do feel a sense of urgency. The ultimate goal for companies is obviously to employ their resources to maximize both sales and marketing ROI. But, with this comes a few challenges: how to establish a true collaboration between marketing, sales, and product (which we talked about in yesterday's blog; how to efficiently employ the abundance of data available and actively use these insights to win deals; how to meet the buyers where they are, with the right messages; and last, but not least - how does one measure marketing ROI anyway? Vendemore's take on this is quite straight-forward:
  • For a company to generate growth, in the end, it's all about demand generation.
    To win this game, a systematic approach is required, planning is essential. Don't build your house on shaky foundations!
  • It's the buyers who set their journey, not the vendors.
    The vendors will have to adapt their tactics with the flexibility of a gymnast! Good news is, that gathering account intent insights, one can actually understand the buyer's current stage, which may be just the advantage you need to predict their next step.
  • Content and channels are the means, but eventually timing of your messages is everything. That's where the data comes in. Combine your account insights with the right messages, the right activation at the right time, and you'll stand a much better chance to influence the right buyers when they are actually ready to listen.
  • And then, it comes down to execution.
SD Summit is over, but business is always on. If you're interested in discussing ABM or demand generation in more detail, don't hesitate to send us a mail: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
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