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Vendemore Moves B2B Display Ad Targeting Towards the Bottom of the Funnel

"It's tempting to position Vendemore and similar firms at the top of the marketing funnel, as a way to connect with new prospects that have not yet identified themselves to a company. This would offer a simple narrative about expanding B2B marketing automation beyond its home base in the middle of the funnel, where it nurtures known leads." But that's not quite right. Vendemore CEO Christopher Engman says the system is used primarily to reach people at firms which have already begun a buying process.

He said the other most common applications are to encourage cross selling within existing client accounts and to reach potential users at firms that have authorized corporate purchases of a product but left the actual buying decisions to individual divisions or departments. In each case, the systems reaches people at target firms who can't be identified by the sales force or marketing automation. In two of those three cases, the result is actually to move further down the funnel, to existing customers, rather than higher up..."

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