Account Based Marketing: Balancing Technology and a Human Touch to Maximize Sales Success


David Ratcliff, Managing Director Vendemore, has highlighted some of the troubles that still occur, too often these days, when being approached by a vendor looking to sell something and what happens when Account Based Marketing enters the scene in an article published by MarketingProfs. Read an excerpt of the article below or get the full story here

He is describing, from his own experience as being a buyer, how an approach may turn a prospect into not-interested in a few weeks—or even a few seconds. He also highlights how the seller's marketing and sales teams must coordinate on what makes for relevant content, as well as communicate about what touchpoints the buyer has had with the vendor. Both parts of the team need to be aligned on what messaging to use and how the conversation progresses. 

When Account Based Marketing Enters the Scene

The recent Account Based Marketing boom highlights the need to keep Sales and Marketing coordinated as they target specific, high-value accounts.

That need is especially important because buying decisions typically involve multiple people at the target account. The purchasing team might include various people, ranging from the end user to IT, Procurement, and the C-suite. Marketing and Sales need to know who those people are, and then provide content that is relevant to all of them.

Despite talk about futuristic things like artificial intelligence in Account Based Marketing, the human touch is as important as ever. Moreover, Account Based Marketing requires a team that truly understands your customers and their businesses—and, just as important, your sales process and sales people.

That's because the magic really happens when Sales and Marketing work together to pursue the big opportunities. Which is why deploying Account Based Marketing as a managed service makes so much sense. It is not just about platforms, data, and dashboards; it is about people... the salespeople and the customers/clients. Bringing Sales and Marketing together to create a feedback loop on each account is the key to success. Otherwise, you're just handing people the keys to the car without making sure you know whether they can drive.

Instead of picking one target at the account and going after him or her, it would be better to have sustained contact with everyone involved in a decision. For some of those decision-makers, you might want to engage directly. Others might need softer touches, such as digital ads, over a long period of time so they recognize the selling company's name when the purchase decision becomes imminent. And that's where Account Based Marketing as a managed service becomes so important, because it takes experience and judgment to know what is needed to score those wins. At the end of the day, it is about revenue—whether you got the deal or not.

Account Based Marketing is first and foremost a methodology, not just a technology or platform, because people still matter.

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