Mythbusting ABM: Five ways to tell the real deal from the pretenders


Marketers are no strangers to trends promising to be the next big thing in the industry. Inbound, content, video, social media and so many others have become buzz words for marketing in the last decade; some of them have even worked.

These days, it's ABM, Account Based Marketing. No doubt not a day goes by when you don't get an unsolicited email from an ABM software provider trying to convince you they can help you in one way or another. As with any new trend, there are those doing it right and those trying to piggyback on the idea without understanding it. For marketers, as with any one else, when something is new, it can be hard to see through the smoke and mirrors and tell the difference between the real thing and an opportunist. Fortunately, there are some warning signs. Here are the top five signs I'd look out for:
  1. They measure success by how many leads you get
  2. They say you need ABM to build buzz and brand awareness
  3. They want to start with your top 2,000 accounts
  4. They want to start with your top 20 accounts and use generic materials
  5. They only talk about marketing KPIs and ignore sales
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