Report from the Breakfast Seminar, Stockholm 20th March


What's on in digital advertising and why should B2B's use account based advertising as part of their marketing mix? This was the topic discussed at our breakfast seminar, where Charlotte Thür, CEO and Founder of IAB Sweden, and Christopher Strandell, Sales Manager at Vendemore, share their thoughts and experiences.

Charlotte Thür guided the audience through the vast number of channels to select from in digital advertising, and concluded that:

  • Digital advertising is growing across Europe.
  • For any company B2B or B2C, it's important to use and to test several different channels to establish what works best.
  • Most important: Focus on the customer experience! A good customer experience is the key to successful digital marketing.

Christopher Strandell talked about why it's important for B2B's to incorporate targeted advertising in their marketing mix and how the advertising can be planned in a few different ways depending on the objectives of the campaign:

  • Truly targeted Account Based Marketing, where the advertising is targeted to one specific account to support the sales process actively.
  • Segment-oriented marketing, where the advertising is targeted to a group of accounts with similar needs.
  • Trawling, where the advertising is targeting a larger set of accounts primarily to establish their level of interest and build brand presence over time.

Ulrika Bergström, Vendemore, moderated the seminar and summarised the learnings:
The reasons for B2B's to make targeted, digital advertising a part of their marketing mix is that they will be visible and build confidence in their offering over time; the ads will touch potential customers when they are ready to listen; and experience shows that companies using account based advertising make more deals, faster deals, and larger deals.

Click here to download presentation (in Swedish).

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