Report from the Breakfast Seminar, Stockholm 7th December


Friday the 10th of December, we met with a sales and marketing crowd on the topic of how to secure that the 2019 marketing plan truly supports sales.  Our guest speaker Maria Augustsson, Marketing Manager, HP Sweden, focused on sharing insights on HP's Account Based Marketing and on how their Marketing and Sales have come to work closely together. The RAD-model, i.e. Retain, Attract and Develop, enables HP's marketing team and sales team to share the same priorities. Maria's three main take-aways were:

  • ABM must be an agreement between sales and marketing
  • ABM = Marketing 360 degrees view
  • ABA alone will not drive lead/opportunity creation, it supports business throughout the customer journey.

Together with Hans Bunes, Account Director, Vendemore, Maria stressed the importance of understanding how customers search for information. Their message was that customers tend to build their views mainly based on three different sources; views from colleagues and friends, independent third parties, and vendors.

On stage was also Peter Molker, Director B2B Marketing Products, Bisnode. Peter focused on how data can support sales and marketing. He concluded that regardless of current data structure, any company can start by gathering the existing knowledge of your current customers and markets. From that one can create insights to help prioritize activities and accounts. Peter's advice is not to forget to continuously measure, and to create feedback loops. And as a next step, why not consider predictive insights and explore automation and AI?

 Annika Svensson, moderator, finished off with some hands-on advice for the fine-tuning of the overall B2B marketing plans for 2019:

  • Put the marketing plan into final edit! And it does not need to be a 50-page story.
  • Spend time on customers and markets! Who to target, in what way and why.
  • Block time in your agendas for data-analysis. Then double it.
  • Plan for success! What's your next steps if the campaign is successful?
  • (And be prepared for plan B.) 

And here you find the slides we shared.


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