Unique video conversation on ABM between the founders of Terminus and Vendemore


We had the pleasure of having a unique conversation with Sangram Vajre of Terminus and Christopher Engman head of Vendemore. Sangram Vajre, a global marketing thought leader, was the CMO of the Marketing Automation vendor Pardot, before its acquisition by Salesforce.

Sangram Vajre is now the CMO and co-founder of Terminus which has been in the business in 1.5 years, focusing on ABM for Small and Medium Businesses, whilst Vendemore is specialising in ABM for larger companies, Fortune 500 companies. In parallel Jon Miller, the founder of Marketo has also gone into the ABM industry.

The reason? As Sangram Vajre says:

"Marketing Automation is selling the dream of marketing and sales alignment, and about getting more leads, not necessarily they right type of leads". But volume in leads is not the same as quality. Sangram and Christopher agree here, this is where Account Based Marketing comes in. ABM puts the marketing resources where the sales priorites are, enabling Marketing and Sales Alignment and better optimisation of resources.

Today there are some 50 companies in the ABM area. There are complex issues to solve within ABM for these vendors, since so many things go into this business. Vendemore view: Complex B2B deals -The supportive landscape

Vendemore is delivering Global Account Based Marketing and is owned by the business data group Bisnode enabling a powerful combination of ABM and predictive analytics with targeted advertisements. (More to come on that topic.)

See the full interview here

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Sangram Vajre, Terminus and Christopher Engman, Vendemore

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