Vendemore at the Sales Conference, Stockholm Nov 8th


You are welcome to join us at our booth, on the balcony, where you will meet our experts, get an introduction to ABM and ABA, and even design your own digital advert. We will be there in the morning, during breaks and at the after-work.

At the Speakers Corner, Ulrika Bergström, Head of Customer Experience, and Annika Svensson, recent client of Vendemore's, will share insights and learnings on how advertising will drive sales.

Where: Annexet, Ericsson Globe Arena

When: 8 November 8-18.30.

Vendemore's presentation: Will smart advertising drive B2B sales

Vendemore's speakers: Ulrika Bergström, Head of Customer Experience, Vendemore, and Annika Svensson, independent consultant at Råda Consulting.

Ulrika who recently was interviewed by the Martech Series on how How Customer Voices are Powering ABM Campaigns (, has an extensive experience from digital marketing in general and account based marketing in particular.

Annika will share her insights in why account based advertising needs to be an integrated part of a dedicated sales effort towards key accounts. She has a profound background both from sales and marketing, and during her years as Head of Marketing Programs at Ericsson, she used to be Vendmore's client.

Book a meeting with us at The Sales Conference to talk about account based advertising.

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