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Account Based Advertising: Account Based Advertising Campaigns

What if we told we had a secret formula we can share with you to make sure your most important customers and prospects see just the messaging you want them to see? And it's a formula so good that the messaging will change depending on where your customers or prospects are in the buyer's journey.

Well, we don't have a secret formula but we do have the next best thing; account based advertising. Now, the first question most people ask us is: "How does account based advertising work?"

And the answer is more simple than you might think. It's digital advertising, shown only to the clients and prospects you are interested in reaching.

The ads are displayed when and where your targets browse online. This means you can create specific messages for different accounts and audiences, focussing your budget on your most important customers and prospects. This messaging can then by adapted based on where the key decision makers and influencers are in the buyer's journey. So you have the ability to adapt the messaging based on the individual account's maturity and interest.

When evaluating the effect of B2B advertising, we need to think differently, not just about click-through rates or number of impressions, but about customer impact and engagement. With messages targeted specifically to each account depending on their individual pain points and aspirations, an account-based advertising campaign has far greater potential to engage an audience compared to traditional display advertising.

This means you have:

  • Greater control over your budget, ensuring there?s no waste as all ads hit your target accounts
  • Truly targeted ads that are more engaging than traditional broad advertising because they are much more relevant to your audience
  • The ability to adapt and change your messaging based upon what stage your target is at in their purchasing journey
  • Campaigns that are optimized based on your KPIs for each target account

Why not see how it works for yourself?
Book a free consultation to discuss one of our pilot packages.

We'll show you the benefits account based advertising can bring to your business.

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