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Account Based Advertising: Retargeting

B2B sales are rarely simple. They can be long, drawn out affairs and, in highly competitive market places, staying in the forefront in the minds of your targets is essential for successfully closing more deals.

This is where retargeting can give you an edge on the competition. Retargeting reminds visitors to your website of their interest after they've left. When they continue to surf the web, your ads will be shown as a reminder to return to your site and find out more.

Retargeting encourages them to come back and to take the next step in their relationship with your company, guiding them forward in their buyer's journey. It nourishes the interest shown by visitors, allows you to provide new information based on the visitor's interest, and drives return traffic to the site. All of which moves interested clients closer to purchase.

Retargeting works in harmony with account based advertising and retargeting messages can be adapted based on the exact page a user has visited on your website. It can help shorten your sales cycles and is particularly effective when it comes to promoting events, webinars or demos. And it should really be kept always-on, to ensure your prospect remember you when they get ready to buy.

Why not see how it works for yourself? Talk to us and we'll show you the benefits retargeting can bring to your business.

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