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Winning the battle for attention

First the bad news. According to Gartner 68% of the client conversation in complex B2B purchasing cycles is internal. Only 32% takes place with vendors, and this attention is spread thinly across you and all your competition.

The good news is that a huge and growing amount of buyer research is done online. Hence, it's essential to collect account intelligence to understand where and what they are most interested in.

Different stages of the sales cycle will create different behaviour. Early stage research will see shallow web visits, followed by a research stage where the interest tends to deepen. Late stage - close to the decision - will see a surge in visits but not so in depth, as senior management check competing vendors' credibility.

It's therefore crucial to access and understand multiple stakeholders within the client organisation. Your sales team will then spend less time searching for people to contact, and more time on actively approaching the right purchasers and influencers.

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