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Audience Insights

Audience Insights

Learning more about your audience is vital to creating the best possible ABM campaigns. Find out how you can boost your business!

Be there for your potential customers as soon as they start looking

Do you want to know when potential customers start looking for solutions that you offer? And wouldn't it be great to know you like to what topics they are reading on your website, already before you talk to them? Do you know if they're more interested in your competitors' offering than in yours?

Stay ahead of the game and already know when potential customers start searching for more information online. A customer only spends a fraction of their buyer's journey with you, so knowing what they search for in the digital space will give you an advantage.

What are Audience Insights?

Audience Insight will tell you what companies are interested in your area of business, even before they start talking to you.

How well do you know your customers? Do you know what they're interested in and how they interact with your website? How well do you know who the prospects are who might be interested in your services but aren't yet on your target list?

Understanding what your clients and prospects are interested in, and being able to track how they interact with your website, gives your sales team the actionable insight they need to be more efficient and productive.

With our Audience Insight services we can help you answer all these questions and more, giving your sales team the business intelligence they need to make better decisions and close more deals.

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Getting started with Audience Insights

Want to start your deep-dive into developing a greater understanding of your customers and prospects than you've ever had before? With a three month pilot you'll be able to see what companies are visiting your website, what pages they're visiting and get real time data on your key accounts.

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How to use Audience Insights

The buying process starts long before the client contacts a seller. In B2B, the client's journey can start a year before they start talking to vendors.

Audience Insights will help you deepen your knowledge of your current customers and your prospects.

  • Current customers.
    Understand when they start looking for products they haven't bought from you yet...or when they start looking at your competitors.
  • New customers.
    Identify potential customers that may be in the market, but who are not aware of your offering.

What we offer

With a huge, and still growing, amount of buyer research being done online, it's essential to collect account intelligence to understand what your key customers and hottest prospects are most interested in.

The services provided by Vendemore are hosted in an ISO - 27001 certified environment which ensures the safety of your data.