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Audience Insights: Account Based Contacts

B2B sales can often feel like trying to navigate your way through a maze, on a dark night, while wearing a blindfold - you end up going nowhere fast and struggle to get further than the place you started.

You might know where you want to go, but you've no idea who your purchase influencers are, and therefore how to reach the end destination. It's highly unlikely there's going to be just one purchase influencer. In fact, knowing and reaching multiple stakeholders in your target organisation is key to enabling social selling, shortening your sales cycles and significantly improving your win rates.

Account Based Contacts will help you:

  • Approach the right purchase influencers
  • Stop wasting time searching for the right people to contact
  • Enable social selling - a necessity in B2B sales today
  • Identify your key influencers and decision makers

Simply provide us with the account details and job titles you want to know, and leave the rest to us.

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