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Audience Insights: Audience Identification

Your advertising will work both smarter and harder for you when it's focussed on a specific audience. Through identifying the key accounts interested in your products or services, you'll be able to deliver relevant and highly-targeted messaging to the identified target groups. This way you can support your sales KPIs.

So how does it work? Your key accounts are identified by their IP address. This can be retrieved e.g. by tracking your website, but unlike most other account based advertising providers, we also offer to proactively identify and address key accounts selected by you - whether they've visited your website or not.

IP targeting is the leading technology available today that enables account specific digital display advertising to any number of accounts. An IP range is best described as the access point through which the company surfs the net. It's a bit like an old fashioned street address but in the digital domain. So once you know the IP address you can target everyone who surfs from that company's address.

In addition, we combine technology and experience to reach defined audiences within the targeted account, for instance senior management or the technology department. In an Account Based Advertising campaign, one group can be targeted with one set of display messages whereas the other can be exposed to entirely different ones.

Let us show you how precise audience identification can amplify your messaging and ensure you deliver the right messaging, to the key decision makers and influenced you want to see it, at the right time.

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