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Sometimes, waiting for a sale to progress can feel like you have no control at all. You've done everything you can and now you're stuck in the waiting game, hoping you've done enough to convince the buyer. But what if you were in control the whole time? What if you could do even more to influence the buyer's decision and do it in real time?

VICS is our web platform for immediate insights and analysis. Using this tool, you will understand what your clients and prospects are interested in - and what their intent is - allowing you to constantly influence them no matter where they are on their purchasing journey.

The level of real-time account intelligence Vendemore VICS that gives you, enables your sales team to tailor their communication with their clients based on what that specific client is interested in. Alongside this, it helps you discover accounts interested in you who aren't on your target list - prospects you don't yet know about.

You'll be able to see how the interest and intent of different accounts develop over time, both organically and as a result of your marketing efforts. In fact, VICS will also show you the development of your Account Based Advertising campaigns.

VICS is quite simply an online reporting and analytics interface, which can be configured to show your reports in the way you want them. With a huge, and still growing, amount of buyer research being done online, it's essential to collect account intelligence to understand what your hottest prospects are most interested in. And when. This gives your sales team the deep data they need to target the right people with the right message.

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The services provided by Vendemore are hosted in an ISO - 27001 certified environment which ensures the safety of your data.

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