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Education and Workshop: ABA Tactical Planning

The success of an Account Based Advertising campaign is determined by how effectively you're able to deliver the right message to the right account at the right time.

In this tactical planning workshop, we take an overall marketing communications perspective with a focus on your individual key accounts, to define a tactical plan where the advertising is employed to support your sales team's efforts long term as well as short term.

Starting with your marketing communications plan and your goals, we'll discuss the right type of content you need, as well as the relevant channels, to meet your KPIs. We'll design a targeted workshop (based on ABM theory, your company's reality, and our experience) to help your sales and marketing teams understand how to use your advertising budget in a smart way to drive sales effectively.

The objective of this workshop is to:

  • Sharpen your account-based marketing communication, with a focus on your account based advertising
  • Make sure you deliver the right message to the right account at the right time
  • Increase the ROI of your advertising investment by actively aligning the campaign set-up and messages with your sales targets.
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