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Education and Workshop: Social Selling

Isn't selling always social and should we really be spending our valuable time on using social media to drive B2B sales?

Look at this way; you want your customers and prospects to choose to buy from you over the competition. Now, are they going to buy from a complete stranger or someone they've already built a relationship with and trust?

People buy from people, something it can be easy to forget in B2B sales. And we all know high value B2B sales depend on strong relationships with both individual decision makers and the often-elusive influencers. But one of the key challenge is reaching these people and maintaining their interest. This is where social selling adds real value in the ABM landscape. Social selling is simply using social media to build relationships with buyers and influencers.

In our specially designed social selling workshops (which can either be an hour long or a full day) we start with an overview of best practice when it comes to social selling, zoom in on the most important channels for ABM, discuss social behaviour and conversational topics, and show you how to hold the interest of peers, influencers, existing and potential clients

By the end of the workshop, you will:

  • Understand how social media can help your sales team to build lasting relationships with your current and potential clients.
  • Learn to bridge the gaps when your sales team does not have access to the client, but the client's purchase process proceeds towards a decision.
  • Build your brand awareness continuously. Social media is an always-on channel, present in your potential clients' minds every day.
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