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ABM as a Service

Account Based Marketing made easy

ABM can seem overwhelming and complex, demanding resources from a team that may already be lean. By using our managed service, you outsource the heavy lifting to experts who understand the business imperatives and who have cutting edge technology in house.

ABM has its own nuances. Either your team has to learn them all, possibly making costly mistakes along the way, or you can source ABM as a managed service. Outsourcing brings ABM into your programme in a fast and effective manner, without draining your own precious resources.

Align sales and marketing

Does marketing properly support your sales team in driving business? A well-executed ABM program actively helps win orders, and can equally prevent the loss of an important client.

The Vendemore team has experience of working with some of the biggest and most advanced companies in the world. We bring this expertise to help bridge the crucial gaps between sales and marketing.

There is no "shiny toy" syndrome here, where a technology investment is made in year one, and in year two the CMO demands ROI ... which no one can find.

We will continuously supply your team with actionable sales insights and changes in account behaviour. These empower our team to recommend the actions that will move your targeted accounts to the next step in their purchase process, then to a successful outcome for you.

Implement Account Based Marketing the smart, efficient and fast way. Let us do it for you.

Our experience. Your advantage.

  • Gathering account-specific data from various digital sources, it takes powerful tools and data analysis expertise to understand the most critical insights. Using Vendemore's team to gather the insights, your team can focus on acting upon them.
  • We help you to optimize predictability and resources. We assign an experienced project manager as your primary contact, we plan the activation and deliver the data in a pre-agreed format, all for a predefined cost.
  • Vendemore has more than 6 years' experience of planning and driving ABM activation, and has some of the world largest B2B firms as clients. So our experience means your business advantage.

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