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ABM Education

ABM landscape and applications

Account Based Marketing has become an industry buzz word. But do you and your team understand what it really means and how it can work best for you?

We will help you identify the best applications for your business and create your ABM strategy. The goals are to increase marketing ROI, shorten sales cycles, and open doors for your sales people to close the business. It's all about enabling marketing and sales to work closer together.

In this workshop, the starting points are your organisation's situation and requirements. Based on ABM best practice, your company's current position, and Vendemore's extensive experience, we deliver a focused session that teaches your sales and marketing teams the core of ABM, and exactly how it can grow your business.

Our goal is to show the sales team that marketing can be heroes too.

ABM Workshop to Align Sales and Marketing

  • ABM best practice applied to your current situation and marketing plans.
  • Launch the important alignment of account sales and marketing strategies and tactics.
  • Develop a shared understanding of how messaging and content precisely targeted to individual key accounts can actually drive sales.

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