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Account Analytics

Sales advantage

Insights into client needs and challenges are substantial advantages that help close deals. This is especially apparent in long complex sales cycles, decisions can be spread over multiple buying centres, indistinct influencers and elusive numerous decision makers.

The insights can be as granular as required, for instance from a single audience in an individual account's buying sector, to a helicopter view of accounts interest per sector.

A basic report illustrates the accounts' behaviour and interest, for instance what messages the target accounts are interested in, how many visitors they have to a specified site or landing page, and how these factors change over time.

In a more advanced, In-Depth Account report, detailed insights for the most interesting accounts are provided, as well as analysis and recommendation for the marketing activities to help drive a purchase decision as well as actionable insights for the sales team.

Timely Knowledge about Target Accounts

  • Insights directly related to an Account-Based Advertising campaign, e.g. what messages work with different account and how this develops over time.
  • Insights related to account behaviour on-line, e.g. visits to web site and search words employed.
  • In-depth reporting on specific accounts behaviour and development over time, as support to bring the right conversations and right messages to prospects when the time is right. (optional)
  • Recommendations for the next step for the marketing and sales teams.

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