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Account Based Advertising

It's about marketing quality. Not quantity.

In B2B, the target audience is typically both small and well-defined, and the road to a purchase decision long and complex. Traditional advertising is effective where the audience is broad, the messaging generic and timing non specific.

However, for advertising to help drive B2B sales, it needs to be truly targeted to the key accounts. It needs to be completely account based and the timing spot on.

Right account. Right audience. Right message.

Relevance is key. Relevance to the audience to get their attention. And relevance to their position in their purchasing journey to drive the sale forward.

When evaluating the effect of B2B advertising, we need to think differently, not just about click-through rates or number of impressions, but about customer impact and engagement. With messages targeted specifically to each account depending on their individual pains and aspirations, an account-based advertising campaign has far greater potential to engage an audience compared to traditional display advertising.

The messages delivered are dedicated to specific clients, and your budget is invested only in these accounts. Above all, sales and marketing are at last able to truly collaborate on an account-by-account basis.

High marketing ROI

  • Display banners delivered to your target audience, fully supporting the sales goals for the account.
  • No wastage as your budget is only invested in the targeted accounts.
  • Your ROI is measured not just by campaign but by account success.

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