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Account Based Advertising Analytics

Let your ads speak to you

Running a successful Account Based Advertising (ABA) campaign, is the intelligent combination of audience definition, knowledge about the accounts' interests, design of the display ads, and the messages promoted. However, to actually make the campaign support your sales team's efforts, it's essential to continuously analyse the campaign performance and take action.

The insights can be as granular as required, for instance from a single audience in an individual account's buying sector to a helicopter view of accounts interest per sector.

Our standard analysis of ABA campaigns illustrates the accounts' behaviour and interest, for instance what messages resonate with the target accounts and how this changes over time. We always recommend A/B testing of display ads and messages, and we work together with our clients to optimize the messages to drive the interest of the target accounts on an individual basis.

To reach further and get even more insights into the account's interests and behaviour, we recommend combining campaign analytics with the insights provided, as explained in our Account Intelligence service.

Right message at right time for your target accounts

  • Insights directly related to an Account-Based Advertising campaign, e.g. what messages work with different accounts and how this develops over time.
  • A/B testing of messages and design of display ads, to ensure that your ads engage your target audience.
  • Continuous adjustments of your ABA campaign based on the behaviour of your target accounts, aiming at driving each account's purchase decision further on an individual basis.

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