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Account Based Audience Creation

Identify new potential clients and create the right audience

IP targeting is the foremost technology available today enabling account specific digital display advertising to single or multiple accounts.

IP Targeting and Matching for Targeted Campaigns

In a Vendemore Account Based Advertising campaign, key accounts are identified by their IP address. An IP range is best described as the access point through which the company surfs the net. It's a bit like an old fashioned street address but in the digital domain. So once you know the IP address you can target everyone who surfs from that company's address.

Agility and precision

Vendemore's technology can go deeper than just IP targeting by bringing focus to defined audiences within the targeted account, for instance senior management or the technology department. In an Account Based Advertising campaign, for instance, one can be targeted with one set of display messages whereas the other can be exposed to entirely different ones.

Key facts

  • Focus your advertising campaigns only on your key accounts.
  • Screen the interest of different accounts, starting with multiple accounts and then, based on their behaviour, focus your marketing on only the most interested ones.

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