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Social Selling Workshop

Driving sales with social

To effectively use social selling, the sales team must make their presence in social media count. This is about building trust by demonstrating real thought leadership, and aligning with key influencers' interests and points of view.

Building trust

High value B2B sales depend on strong relationships with both individual decision makers and the often-elusive influencers. A key challenge is reaching these people and maintaining their interest. This is where social selling adds real value in the ABM landscape, establishing and growing the trust that is needed to become the business partner of choice.

In this ABM Social Selling workshop, we start with an overview of social media, zoom in on the most important channels for ABM, discuss social behaviour and conversational topics.

We then give your team practical learnings on how to build a personal profile that captures and holds the interest of peers, influencers, existing and potential clients.

The specific content will be adapted to the relative sophistication of your sales team, building from their current understanding and experience.

Social Selling Workshop to Get Team Started

  • Social media and social selling to help your sales team build long-term relationships with buyers and influencers.
  • Bridging the gaps where your sales team does not have direct access to the client or the purchasing process.
  • Maximising opportunities while avoiding the pitfalls, with practical exercises and checklists to get going right after the workshop.

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