Audience Insights

How well do you know your B2B customers? Do you know what they're interested in and how they interact with your website? Let us show you how precise audience identification can maximize the effect of your marketing activities and amplify your messages to the decision makers in your key accounts.

Stay one step ahead

Understanding what your clients and prospects are interested in makes it easier to time your sales and marketing efforts. Give your sales team an advantage through actionable audience insights!

Take a step ahead

Account Based Advertising

Generic adverts targeting a broad audience are now consigned to the history books, especially when it comes to B2B marketing. Advertising certainly works in a B2B context, but it should be timely, relevant and truly targeted to your key accounts. Account Based Advertising, ABA, means the right message at the right time to the right audience.

Relevance is key

Designing your messages specifically to each target account, will build trust in you, open doors for your sales team, and maximize the return on your advertising spend.

Investigate relevance of ABA

ABM Education & Workshops

There's no doubt about it, Account Based Marketing and Account Based Advertising are hot trends in B2B sales. But how well do your sales and marketing teams understand how they work?

Sales & Marketing Alignment

Through our education and workshop sessions we'll help your teams establish a customer-oriented mindset and understand the importance of sales and marketing being aligned.

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"Our digital ABM program with Vendemore influenced a Security pipeline of $25M within three of our core industries."

Andrew Greenwood, Director, Global Portfolio Marketing, DXC Technology

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The right messages to the right decision makers and alignment between marketing and sales, is what Siemens PLM Software in the UK managed to achieve by implementing account based marketing, topped with account based advertising.

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Vendemore combines the experience and creativity of our people with the opportunities provided by modern technology to give you precise, innovative and smart marketing. And who wouldn't want that?

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ISO - 27001

The services provided by Vendemore are hosted in an ISO - 27001 certified environment which ensures the safety of your data. This certification covers all forms of lost data such as fires, breaches and individual issues. Data is one of the most important parts of a company, whether it concerns HR or financial data, it should and must be of the highest safety priority.

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